Dr. B.P. Singh of India is the inventor of Lipo-Injection technique. This new technique solves the problem of all the bumps and folds on the face. His hospital is in India at Jalandhar.

Procedure Features
a. In this procedure fat is taken from body (where there is excess of fat) and injected to fill wrinkles, dimples, scars and plump-up lips.
b. Unlike the conventional lipo-injection surgery, where only, 5-10cc of fat can be injected in a sitting; Dr.Singh’s technique enables to inject up to 50cc of fat, in one sitting.
c. In a regular lipo-injection procedure its recommended that patients wait 30 days before every session, however with Dr.Singh’s improved technique the waiting period to undergo the next session is just 3 days.
d. For more information on this visit, www.cosmeticsurgeryinindia.com/fatinjections.htm