Dr. Rodrigo Neira of Toronto Cosmetic Clinic has developed a new laser liposuction procedure called, called "Laser Assisted Liposuction". The procedure uses a low-level laser Erchonia 4L™ to burn the fat before the liposuction procedure. The laser assisted liposuction procedure is safe and has fewer side effects.

Procedure Highlights
a. The procedure uses an FDA approved low level laser for approximately 12-15 minutes to burn fat in the area that is to receive liposuction treatment.
b. Laser assisted liposuction involves less trauma to patients body as low-level laser is used.
c. With this procedure there is lower pain, swelling and bruising compared to other types of liposuction.
d. The laser assisted liposuction procedure uses the Erchonia 4L™ laser, which has been approved by the FDA
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f. The procedure starts from $2500 and prices vary depending number of sessions required and on the area to be treated.

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