A new laser workstation has been introduced in the market by Cynosure, Inc., the developers and manufacturers of light-based aesthetic treatment systems.

Their new higher power Smartlipo LaserBodySculpting Workstation is all set to help physicians sculpt patients more efficiently and faster. The company is optimistic about this system being received positively by the industry.

New Workstation Highlights
a. This is a 10-watt, minimally invasive workstation.
b. It is designed for high-volume laser procedures.
c. It can reduce the treatment time by almost half.
d. It is a quick, safe and efficient system.
e. It is a better alternative to traditional liposuction in patients with smaller areas of localized fat.
f. Its pulsing laser energy liquefies localized deposits of fat which is later removed through a cannula.
g. It coagulates the tissue and sculpts the body.
h. It results in fewer complications and recuperation is faster.
i. It is available as a standalone unit and also as an upgrade to the earlier 6-watt system.