After Smartlipo, Cool Lipo, Water Jet Lipo, Vibro Lipo now comes a new form of liposuction called Nutational 3-D Custom Acoustic Liposuction ( CAL ). The new lipo technique is known in Europe as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL), was first introduced in Belgium and has since been used in thousands of procedures and presented at more than 100 scientific sessions worldwide. The procedure is FDA approved. The procedure is also called Vibro Liposuction sometimes.

Procedure Highlights
a. This procedure involves the use of an air pressure activated no-heat cannula.
b. This forms a Nutational 3-D triple movement of vibration, rotation and reciprocation.
c. The 3D vibration against skin stimulates collagen synthesis inducing skin tightening.
d. This procedure involves simultaneous injection of local anesthesia and the vibration of the Nutational Infrasonic system which distract the brain and reduce discomfort.
e. It offers precise body sculpting in difficult to treat areas like the neck, face, back and ankles.
f. Body Sculpting can be done while the patient is in a comfortable and upright position, improving the final cosmetic result and patient satisfaction.
g. This system shuts off automatically when it senses a change in tissue density.
h. It is ideal for use in patients who had undergone liposuction earlier and in gynecomastia.
i. There is less patient trauma, less edema, less bruising and less discomfort.
j. The fat is aspirated simultaneously during the process with fewer cannula passes.
k. It is safe, efficient and effective.
l. It does not affect the non-fatty surrounding tissue and anatomy in any way.
m. There is hardly any downtime.
n. To find a physician who is performing the Custom Acoustic Liposuction procedure click here