Popular weight-loss clinic Fig filed for bankruptcy recently. This has caused widespread furor as hundreds workers were left without a job and many clients lost thousands of dollars. Even the last paychecks of employees have allegedly bounced. Fig, headquartered in St. Louis, used to offer anti fat injections which are denounced by medical groups.

Highlights of the controversy
a. Fig shut down 17 clinics on December 7, 2007
b. The company has said that economic reasons were behind this move.
c. In the last 3 years, 145 clients of Fig. have filed complaints of adverse reactions following treatments.
d. In the past week, 150 more consumers complained.
e. According to its Web site, Fig. will contact clients who had not completed their anti fat sessions about continued treatment or refund claims.
f. No company officials were available for comment.
g. The company indulged in massive advertising campaign and TV commercials till the end.