smart-lipo-laser-body-sculpting-laser-lypolysis.jpg Well known manufacturer and developer of light based aesthetic treatment systems, Cynosure, Inc,. has declared that FDA has cleared, its Smartlipo(TM) system. It is first of its kind, laser-assisted Lipolysis device that reduces the fat bulges and tightens the skin.

Laserlipolysis Highlights
a. It is new non-invasive procedure that can reduce the fat cells.
b. Especially useful, for treating areas with localized fat deposits.
c. The procedure involves using a small cannula or tube with laser fiber is inserted into the skin; passing it throughout treatment area. Then laser is directly applied, which ruptures fat and drains away.
d. With Smartlipo system, there is less swelling and bleeding compared to liposuction.
e. The procedure takes 45-minutes.
f. The results are visible within a week; but the improvement is continued for months ahead.
g Rapid healing with low tissue trauma.
h. For more information, contact Cynosure at 800-886-2966, or visit
i. The Smartlipo treatment is approximately $3,000 to $4,000 for an area treated.