People are often too eager to get rid of excess fat in the body. Now, it has been discovered that this fat can actually be quite precious. It contains stem cells that can heal injuries and also repair certain abnormalities According to Philippe Collas at the University of Oslo in Norway, fat lost through liposuction contain stem cells that can regenerate tissues. This is an invaluable discovery and can help scientists to use a patients own fat cells to help in treatments.

Major benefits
a. Fat in the human body contain stem cells.
b. It can be easily acquired from weight loss centres and cosmetic surgery clinics.
c. It can help people with joint injuries.
d. It can help in sports injuries.
e. Stem cells are easier to extract from fat than from bone marrow.
f. However, some believe that these cells have less potential than cells extracted from embryos.
g. Low rates of DNA methylation may help in transforming fat stem cells from one cell type into another.