German Plastic Surgeon Dr Ueberreiter has recently introduced the new Liposoft technique with the Body Jet machine at the Singapore Clinic called Simply Aesthetic. Developed to prevent the problems associated with most liposuction techniques, this method has a lot of benefits to offer patients.

Highlights of the new technique
a. This procedure dislodges fat cells with a powerful jet of water.
b. There is a fan-shaped water jet that infiltrates the fatty tissue and transforms it into a gelatinous state.
c. The tissue is then suctioned off.
d. At the same time, it sucks up the water and released fat cells.
e. This ensures less swelling.
f. There is low tissue trauma in this procedure.
g. It is more precise and safe.
h. There is hardy any bruising or post-operative pain.
i. It involves minimal sedation.
j. It is ideal for patients who require removal of large volumes of fat.
k. Almost two liters of fat can be safely extracted from up to six operative regions in this procedure.