lipozap.jpg People with weight problems often have to resort to surgery to get rid of their excess fat. But a new procedure called LipoZap, developed by MedAesthetica Medical Group, Inc., claims to reduce fat without any surgical procedures involved. The company claims that it has minimal side effects and needs barely any recuperation time. This procedure has been projected as an ideal treatment for people with fast paced modern lifestyles. Experts are, however, skeptical that this can be a long term solution for obese people.

Procedure highlights
a. This is a non-invasive procedure.
b. It is supposed to eliminated fat and aid in inch loss.
c. It can be used on any part of the body.
d. Lipozap procedure involves the use of a VelaSmooth anti cellulite machine, infrared heat and radio frequency (RF) waves.
e. The device massages the skin and the heat and RF waves break down the fat cells under the skin.
f. The "fat-dissolving drug" phosphatidylcholine is also administered to patients.
g. Four sessions are usually enough for the results to show.
h. This is a cheaper alternative to liposuction.
i. No scientific research material is available about this procedure.
j. A patient might experience slight discomfort but this procedure is not painful.