Ghassan Zabaneh a master's student in Industrial design, has created the first hands-on Training Module for Rhinoplasty Procedures. Zabaneh says, It's difficult to train surgeons in the field of Rhinoplasty, so what he has created is a unit, which resembles the nose area, with all the substructures can be picked up from a store. The trainee can use it like the real nose of a patient; they can take (the module) home and practice.

Ghassan Zabaneh has gained knowledge about noses, after working on a model for reconstructive plastic surgery trainees at the Misericordia Hospital's, Craniofacial Osseointegration and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation Unit. But working with COMPRU (a research unit and clinic that makes prostheses for facial deformities) helped him to bring this masterpiece.