A broken nose can give a person more than just physical pain. The nose is the most prominent feature of the face and a disfigured one can prove to be a major source of embarrassment leading to unwanted questions. Most patients suffering from a broken nose go in for surgery to rectify the problem and the procedure normally employed is the closed reduction procedure. However, many patients state their dissatisfaction with this procedure.

Review of closed reduction surgery procedure
a. Plastic surgeons use closed reduction procedure to fix broken nose.
b. The procedure is an invasive procedure done using anesthesia.
c. The goal of the closed reduction broken nose procedure is to reshape the broken cartilage, bones and give a natural shape to the nose.
d. The procedure also helps patients breathe normally.
e. Patients are advised to undergo the closed reduction procedure within seven to ten days of their injury.
f. A study conducted in Hong Kong has shown that 29% of the patients were unhappy over the outcome of the surgery.
h. An alternative to the closed reduction procedure is the septorhinoplasty surgical procedure.

Source: Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, January/February 2007