For those, who are scared of undergoing the invasive Rhinoplasty surgery, to correct nose irregularities, there is a new option which is called non-invasive nose job. The procedure hides the bumps on the nose and rectifies the nasal irregularities, improving the nose shape. The first ever study on this procedure is done by Dr.Rokhsar a noted cosmetic dermatologist, who revealed the details of this procedure at meeting of American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, held in California.

Dermal fillers to correct nose bumps
a. The procedure involves, placement of small amount of filler called Radiesse, to build the nasal bridge.
b. Procedure is performed after applying numbing cream fro half an hour.
c. In 56% of patients there is mild swelling and bruising for 2-5 days.
d. Results last for about 1-year.
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