comfort-Gel-cpap-nasal-mask.jpg Men and women snore and this can be embarrassing. According to the British Snoring Association, in the United Kingdom, there are 4.5 million female snorers. Caused by partial blockage in the nose or throat that causes vibrations of the soft palate, the tongue or tissue in the nose, snoring can be cured. There are many ways to get rid of this condition. Besides breathing aids and nasal strips, one can try out surgical options as well. However, the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airways Pressure) full-face mask remedy, though cumbersome, is said to be a better option.

Product Highlights
a. This works by stopping the airways from collapsing.
b. There is a mandibular device (similar to a mouth guard) which holds the lower jaw and tongue forward, making more space to breathe.
c. The patient is required to bit into a mould.
d. Based on this, a transparent acrylic splint is created for the patient.
e. It can be readjusted over the next couple of months so that it gradually pushes the jaw of the patient further forward.
f. This splint has to be worn by the patient every night and taken off in the morning.
g. The jaw stretch is not permanent and the splint has to be worn every night.
h. It is highly effective and safe.

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