In unison with Brunei Grand Sale, La Femme Slimming Studio is offering 'Accuslim fast Package' a slimming treatment. This is said to be an assured treatment for slimming down waist upto several inches and flattening abdomen.

Treatment Highlights

a. An acupressure pad is placed on the tummy for 45 minutes to bring firmness, and correct shape to the abdomen.
b. Then anti-cellulite massage will be applied to the whole body to ease water retention and followed a slim ray treatment or 'hot-blanket' ( for wrapping the body) treatment for 30 minutes to burn up a substantial amount of calories.
c. Results can be noticed instantly.
d. This package is offered with discount prices i.e. $99 per session (the normal price per session is $299).

One can contact for an appointment at 3336100/2656461/8807398 or in the studio's branches in Jalan Tutong Kg Bunut and Kg Pandan Kuala Belait.