tummy-tuck-abdominoplasty.jpg A new procedure to revert the loss of youthful lean abdominal wall, caused due to aging, over-weight and childbirth, is developed by Steve Laverson, a plastic surgeon of Feel Beautiful Aesthetic RX of Carlsbad, CA. The results with new procedure are superior to,
currently available traditional Tummy Tuck procedures.

Procedure Benefits
a. The procedure has shown optimal cosmetic results, when performed in 25 Tummy Tuck procedures.
b. The procedure uses direct fact excision and establishes a visible midline contour.
c. Complications with the new procedure are comparatively less.
d. The procedure gives women a natural, youthful tummy after the surgery.
e. To know more about new procedure visit www.feelbeautiful.com
g. The new Abdominoplasty technique is featured in the latest Journal of Aesthetic Surgery.
h. The price of the new procedure is approximately $7000