For a smoother, natural and fashionable looking belly button after tummy tuck, there is a new procedure being offered by Dr. Lloyd Krieger, Medical director of the Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, who specializes in Tummy Tuck procedure. The popular procedure also called as the Rodeo Drive Belly Button, can give people a tantalizing belly button with this unique ‘tummy tuck’ procedure. For the fashionable young, this comes as a blessing.

Procedure Review
a. The procedure involves making a long horizontal cut, below the tummy and excess skin and fat is pulled down and removed.
b. The belly button is moved to a new position and then sutured tightly to the deeper tissues of the abdomen.
c. This not only gives a natural look but also leaves a gentle slope.
d. This procedure is executed with the latest equipment.
e. People from around the world have tried out this procedure.
f. It gives people an ultra flat tummy.
g. This procedure costs about from $3,500
h. This procedure is ideal for women in the late 20’s or mid 30’s who wish to wear low rise jeans showing off their belly buttons and their belly button piercing.