Pelvic prolapse is a common complication of childbirth and millions of women are affected by it. This is basically a weakening of the supportive muscles of the womb. In this condition, the womb is pushed down, which causes incontinence problems. However, a surgical procedure called the pelvic operation, can rectify this problem.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is an invasive surgical procedure.
b. It involves a hysterectomy and the stitching of the sagging muscles with an artificial graft.
c. It involves the use of general anesthesia.
d. There is hardly any pain.
e. To repair the prolapse at the front of the vagina, the surgeon makes a small incision in the front wall and pushes the prolapse back.
f. To stop it from bulging down again, the supportive tissue beneath it is stitched from both side of the incision.
g. The surgery to correct the prolapse of the back wall involves grafting a patch of collagen from pig intestine.
h. Once the tissue heals completely, the graft dissolves and is absorbed by the body.
i. First, a 7cm incision is made around the prolapse and the bulge is pushed back.
j. Then the collagen graft is secured to hold the tissue in place by using dissolvable stitches.