man-talk-elliot-jacobs.jpg Who said cosmetic surgery is only for women? Men want to look good too. But, so far, they have been more or less ignored by this industry. Now, Gynecomastia expert Dr. Elliot Jacobs comes to their rescue with his new surgical procedure torsoplasty. Author of Mantalk: Tips from the Pros for Great Looks, Good Health and Maintaining Your Competitive Edge, Dr Jacobs has combined different surgical procedures to come up with torsoplasty.

Procedure Review
a. This surgery involves the whole torso.
b. Torsoplasty reshapes the chest, reduces the width of the midsection and removes love handles.
c. It is a perfect solution for obese men.
d. It gives men the body they have only dreamt about.
e. Torsoplasty involves a combination of liposuction and plastic surgery.
f. Dr.Elliot Jacobs is an expert in correcting ‘Man boobs’ and has performed numerous Gynecomastia surgeries.