Obesity is a growing problem of the modern world. There are surgical procedures and fad diets that promise to control this condition. Now, Italian scientists are developing a new diet pill that expands in the stomach when consumed. Experts say that by consuming the diet pill, one feels his stomach full and has the same effect of fullness as of eating a nice plate of pasta. Despite skepticism from critics, some experts are of the view that this pill can definitely help obese people.

Highlights of the new diet pill
a. This pill is made from a cellulose compound of hydro gel.
b. This is a dry powdery material that swells up when wet.
c. A gram of hydrogel inside a capsule can quickly bloat up like a balloon containing almost one liter of water.
d. When this is consumed, it takes on the size of a tennis ball inside the stomach.
e. It gives users a feeling of satiety & fullness.