the-ph-miracle-for-weight-loss.jpg After the runaway success of The pH Miracle, Dr. Young and his wife has come out with The pH Miracle for Weight Loss. Considering the serious health situation in the US, this book will definitely be received with optimism. This book seeks to bring attention to the fact that weight gain is a fallout of faulty pH levels in the body.

Book Review
a. According to this book, chronic acidity is the cause behind weight gain.
b. This means a pH value below 7.1.
c. For rapid weight loss and development of lean muscles, it is imperative to make the pH level more alkaline.
d. This book recommends a 12-week, seven-step program that rejuvenates the body by replacing current blood cells with more healthy blood cells and creates a permanent lifestyle change.
e. This, according to the book, is the key to weight maintenance.
f. It also has tips on right diet.
g. It contains recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
h. It stresses on the importance of drinking water, exercise and nutritional supplements.
i. It also maintains that thoughts and emotions should be managed properly for better results.
j. It recommends a 2 week cleansing program.
k. It also contains testimonials and before-and-after photographs.
l. It costs $24.95 but can be bought online from