A new body detoxification treatment called Aqua Detox™ is being touted as a good remedy to eliminate bodily toxins. The procedure uses water and electrical currents to detoxify the body and eliminate them through the pores in the feet, placed in water.

Review detoxification procedure
a. The procedure uses electrical cell stimulation to release toxins through the pores in the feet.
b. The procedure makes kidneys, liver, bowels, lungs and joints to release toxins that are eliminated through feet, into water.
c. The toxins released through feet are in different colors, resembling the presence of toxins in kidney, joints etc. For example green water resembles accumulated toxins in kidneys.
d. The treatment aids weight loss, eliminate skin disorders, fatigue, acne, eczema and constipation.
e. One has to undergo 6-treatment sessions within a span of 5 weeks. Each session is completed in 30 minutes at the beginning and 90 minutes in next sessions.
f. To know more about Aqua Detox™ call (704) 662-9239
g. The Aqua Detox™ home detoxification kit is priced at $2495 - buy here