beverly-hills-diet.jpg There is a change in the Beverly Hills diet. Dietary and lifestyle consultant, Judy Mazel has come up with a new version of the original diet, which had a restrictive 42-day initiation phase. The new diet shuns the extremes of the original diet, is more balanced and is easier to maintain. Mazel's diet is based on the assumption that when and what one eats is what makes a person fat or thin. The book "Beverly Hills diet" is the #1 ranked New York times best seller and is priced at $12.95 on . To buy the book click here

Major Highlights
a. In this diet, it is assumed that protein should be eaten with protein and fats, carbohydrates should be eaten with carbohydrates and fats, and fruits should be eaten alone.
b. A person is required to start the day with a enzymatic fruit like pineapple, strawberries, grapes or watermelon.
c. The next thing on the menu is carbohydrate, which one can have without restriction, that is till protein is consumed.
d. Once a person moves on to protein, that is what he or she should have for the rest of the day.

Things to remember while following this diet

a. One can eat as much fruit as one wants but there should be a gap of at least one hour before eating a different fruit.
b. There should also be a gap of at least 2 hours before eating any carbohydrates, fats or protein.
c. Once a person eats any carbohydrates, fats or protein, they can't have fruits for the rest of the day.
d. One can substitute fruit juices and wine for fruit.
e. All other alcohol falls under the carbohydrate group.
f. Champagne is neutral and can be had with everything.
g. One can combine everything during one meal in a day.
h. One can lose around 10- to 15-pounds in the 35-day initiation phase.