Obesity is on the rise among children. Due to lack of time, busy parents, fast paced city life and burden of competition, more and more children are leading towards gaining weight at an young age. Most of them find an outlet in video games. According to a recent survey, children as young as 2 years old have started playing video games. Now a new game has been introduced in the market called Body Mechanics to educate youngsters on the ill effects and risks of being obese.

DVD review
a. This is a new educational DVD game to aid youngsters exercise and to eat better.
b. It creates awareness about the dangers of obesity.
c. Players fight villains like Col Estorol and Betes II along with a team of superheroes.
d. The battlefield is inside the body of Jack Decayd.
e. The USP is that if Jack is to be saved then Obeez City has to be overpowered.
f. This game is all set to make youngsters wary of snacks and soft drinks.
g. It costs $24.95 to buy the DVD click here.