A procedure called 'Body Wrapping' is said to be the solution for losing weight instantly. This procedure can remove the fat from the waist, thighs and other parts of the body. Different wraps are there to be worn at different times like while exercising, sleeping or carrying out regular activities. Some wraps are used after filling them with air from vacuum cleaner and some need the warm air from electric hair dyer and some should be used after applying lotion or
gel to the body. These body wrappers effectively reduce body dimensions by removing fluids from the body. Some reputed Spas offer wraps with herbals and giving assurance to reduce fat from the body effectively and instantly. The price of this treatment depends on spas and type of the procedure. The part of the body which needs the treatment is wrapped up to make it sweating so as to eliminate fluids.

Procedure Highlights

The over elimination of the fluids is not an advisable thing to follow since it causes dehydration and this is not a permanent solution since the fat will be regained after some time. Before undergoing this procedure one has to make sure that the spa offering this procedure is
a reputed one, the practitioner is a licensed one and the herbs they are using for the procedure.