brazilian-diet-pills.jpg Losing weight is a fixation for most obese people. And, if one can do so without exercising, it is like a dream come true. Massachusetts residents are doing just this. They are consuming unsafe and illegal drugs manufactured in Brazil to lose weight fast. Despite the fact that these pills are highly dangerous and contain unapproved drugs, people are not averse to using them. Though this trend was earlier seen among the Brazilian population of Massachusetts , this practice has now spread to the non-Brazilian residents also.

Pill Claims
a. This pills cause rapid weight loss.
b. Each pill contains a complex mixture of drugs.
c. Some of these pills contain almost all the drugs ever tried for weight loss.
d. It does so by killing the hunger pangs.
e. It can be bought online and is usually delivered within a week.
f. Customers are asked to take a few blood tests.
g. One can lose up to 10 pounds in a week.
h. Some of these pills contain amphetamine-type medications like ephedra and diethylproprion.
i. Some also contain diazepam, laxatives, thyroid hormone, Lasix, caffeine and anti histamines.
j. Supplies, according to sources, are a cafe in Alston, a jewelry store in Somerville and some other informal networks.

a. It can lead to heart palpitations and heart attacks.
b. It can be fatal for some people.
c. Customers have to force themselves to eat at times.
d. Other side effects are tremors, nausea, dizziness and mood swings.
e. There is a possibility of customers getting addicted to the pills.
f. Sudden weight losses can, on the rebound, lead to rapid weight gain.
g. It can cause thyroid abnormalities due to the presence of hormones in the pills.
h. Some people can develop arrhythmias, insomnia, tremulousness and extreme anxiety.

Around $600 for a month long supply.