Obesity often calls for drastic measures. People who need to or want to lose weight are always on the lookout for the most effective device or procedure that will help them realize their dreams of losing weight. Now there is a device in the market that promises to help people lose weight in a sensitive manner. The Ki Performance family in collaboration with its strategic US partner BodyMedia Inc. has come out with the GoWear fit armband in a bid to help people set realistic targets and motivate them.

Product Highlights
a. This is a sensory armband that can be strapped on to the tricep.
b. Sensors in the armband measure motion, flux in body temperature, skin temperature and galvanic skin response.
c. Using algorithms it then analyses what kind of exercise one is getting and how strenuous it is.
d. This device gives an accurate picture of total calorie usage.
e. This is a "lifestyle management system".
f. It has a display meter that can be clipped to a belt or on a wristband.
g. For a monthly subscription, one can upload this data, via the armband, onto an online "activity manager" account.
h. The data and progress over time is recommended by this activity manager.
i. It even makes recommendations about sleep efficiency and fitness levels.
j. One can also log meals here.
k. It shows the relationship between energy from food and energy that is burned though being active.
l. It is ideal for people whop are not motivated, not very athletic now disciplined.

http://www.gowearfit.com/ is offering GoWear fit gear and is offering the GoWear fit Armband + Display + 12 month subscription commitment for $249.90