Eat right to stay young. And, that's what proponents of the calorie restriction diet believe. This diet calls for severe restriction of calorie intake and a person has to drastically cut down on food consumption. At times, a handful of nuts or an apple is all that one has for lunch and for them 900 to 1,800 calories a day is more than enough. It has been proved that monkeys, dogs, rats, mice, fruit flies and earthworms benefit from such a diet but, so far, there has been no definite study on humans. To get started on the Calorie restriction diet - click here

Diet benefits
a. It is supposed to slow down the aging process.
b. It reduces tissue damage by the free radicals byproduct of metabolism.
c. This diet is about reducing the total quantity of food that the body needs to process.
d. The calorie restriction diet is not for a limited amount of time, its supposed to be for one's lifetime.
e. Followers of this diet usually take vitamin supplements and diligently monitor their nutrition intake.
f. It helps one to maintain a steady weight and cholesterol levels.
g. It improves overall health.
h. It can help people live longer.

a. This diet has not been subjected to any extensive research.
b. Followers could be at the receiving end of unbelievers' wisdom, stares and jokes.
c. This is a tough diet to follow.