fuwa-pica-color-changing-chair.jpg There is now a new kind of furniture that changes color based on your weight. Developed in Osaka University by Ichi Kanaya, Fuwapica is based on the Japanese theory that all things, animate or inanimate, have life. It is still under production and will be available in the market in a couple of years' time.

Highlights of Fuwapica
a. This is a new kind of hi-tech furniture.
b. It has the ability to sense the presence of people.
c. It changes color according to the weight put on the by a person sitting on it or touching it.
d. So far, a round table with a computer and built-in LCD display and four air-cushioned chairs have been developed.
e. The table and chairs are linked to connected via a wireless signal.
f. The computer sends a signal to the chair to match the color of the object on the table.
g. Pressure sensors inside the chair control the brightness.
h. The larger the weight, the brighter is seen on the chair.
i. If a person sitting on the chair is Obese, the chair changes its color to red.