laser-therapy-weight-loss-quit-smoking.jpg Recent innovations in lasers have introduced a cold laser technique that can curb the desire to smoke and also aid in weight loss. Rogers has developed this technique which was introduced in Scotland and UK in 2000. Presently, it is pending for FDA approval, for the US.

Procedure Highlights
a. Lasers are applied to pressure points by which endorphin level is raised making for weight loss and cutting down nicotine addiction.
b. One has to attend 3 treatment sessions (of 1-hour each) to get the results of nicotine de-addiction.
c. For weight loss program one has to attend 5-6 sessions each week. Here the laser is applied on points from toe to head.
d. The weight loss program enables one to loose 2-3 pounds per week.
e. The diet and regular exercise plan during the treatment aids to achieve good results in weight loss.
f. More information about the therapy is available at