A new weight loss drug Alli manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline is at the center of a raging controversy. Though this drug has been approved by a review panel of the FDA, critics are of the opinion that it is likely to harm people who consume it. This drug will be available in the American market towards the later half of June 2007. To sign up for latest new releases click here

Major benefits of Alli
a. This is a new weight loss drug.
b. This is an over-the counter drug that requires no prescription.
c. An FDA review panel has approved of this drug.
d. It is the only FDA approved over the counter (OTC) marketed for weight loss.
e. During clinical trials, patients lost about 1 pound in a month.
f. This drug absorbs the fat consumed by people.
g. The undigested fat is then expended through bowel movements.
h. Three pills a day is recommended for better results.

Side effects
a. However, it is said to cause diarrhea and anal leakage.
b. The weight loss is reversed when patients stop using this drug.
c. The fat might block essential fats and vitamins needed by the body.
d. It might cause nutritional deficiencies.
e. It can induce flatulence and oily discharge in people.

Between $55 and $60 for a month's supply.