Deante Dance is a fun and high energy approach to a slim and energetic body. The latest fitness dance workout has been developed by fitness professional JB Berns and New York-based dance teacher and choregrapher, Karen Gayle. The Deante Dance Technique can make a person strong and give one the coveted sleek dancer's body. It is available in DVDs and can be done by almost anyone.

Review of the new modern dance workout program
a. It is a combination of classical and modern dance movements.
b. This is a low impact work out that can be followed by anybody.
c. It leads to weight loss and sculpting of the body.
d. Just 20 minutes a day is enough for results to show.
e. It strengthens the core muscles and lengthens and elongates the entire body.
f. The movements are fluid and rhythmic.
g. The workouts are complemented with the music of William Catanzaro and Damien Bassman.
h. The three and a half hours DVD costs $39.95, to buy click here
i. It has five workouts including a low impact one that can be followed by everyone.