diet-and-exercise-myths.jpg Regarding diet and exercise, there are many wrong beliefs, prevailing among the masses. Julie Bender, a dietitian of Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and Phil Tyne, Director of Baylor Tom Landry Health and Wellness Center help clarify 10 of such popular myths.

Truth and Lies
a. A popular notion among many is that working out in the gym and doing 100 to 200 crunches would help them get rid of their tummy. However the fact is that exercise helps burn fat throughout the body and not specific areas. Crunches will make the abdominal muscles strong, however the fat still remains.
b. Many fitness experts have recommended to stretch before workouts. However research studies have revealed that stretching enhances muscle susceptibility to injury.
c. Many feel that eating just before workout might cause any digestion problems, however experts recommend that eating a small meal, 1-3 hours before exercising is beneficial.
d. Women who want a lean body are concerned about lifting weights and think that weights might give them a bulky look. However the fact is that lifting weights does not make women bulky and women can use lighter weight and increase in repetitions.
e. Many believe that fat in any form is bad. However there is good fat called High Density Cholesterol (HDL) and Low Density Cholesterol (LDC). LDC is harmful
f. Women who want to lose weight should not reduce their calorific intake by a huge amount. Its recommended to reduce calories intake by 100-300 daily, for effective weight loss.
g. Anything done in excess is bad. One should not consume large quantities of food in the name of eating healthy. The food may be healthy, but the calories which accumulate would lead to weight gain.
h. To believe exercise turns fat into muscle is false.
i. Unlike popularly believed, sweating is not any indication of a good workout. Sweating is the body’s mechanism to cool after a heavy workout.
j. Eating late night will not add pounds to your weight. This is another misconception.