the-fat-smash-diet.jpg Dr. Ian Smith believes a lifestyle change is required to lose weight. He advocates a diet that gives people the freedom to eat what they want but, at the same time, advices them to stick to smaller portions and exercise regularly. Surgical procedures and crash diets are not for him. Supporting his theory, he has come out with a book, Fat Smash Diet, which conditions people to change their lifestyle and live a healthy life.

Book review
a. This diet is spread over 90 days consisting of 4 phases.
b. Phase one starts with a 9 day detoxification where the patient is adviced to eat four to five meals consisting of fruits and vegetables each day, and exercise five days a week.
c. Phase two is for 3 weeks and people are advised to eat four to five meals, consisting of meats, seafood, cheese and other foods and increase their exercise by 10 to 15 per cent.
d. Phase Three is for 4 weeks and people are advised similar diet as phases one and two with the addition of sweets. Exercise intensity is increased by 25 per cent in this phase.
e. In phase four almost foods are allowed but the portion size is kept small and intense one hour exercise is advised five times a week.
f. This book contains some recipes for people to follow.
g. This book costs $12.95 and is available for sale at
h. The diet was used on VH1's celebrity fit club