Forget about spa treatments and cosmetic surgery. The secret to a younger look might lie in our DNA. That is what recent developments seem to indicate. A DNA sequencing and then a diet chart from a nutritionist based on the results of the sequencing might help us live longer and look younger. Not only that, it might also aid in weight loss. Genelex Corporation is one such corporation in the US which offers DNA testing

Highlights of the DNA Diet
a. A person is first required to fill up a lifestyle questionnaire and submit to some genetic tests.
b. This is used to assess the way the body works.
c. It takes into account detoxification, inflammation, antioxidant activity and insulin sensitivity of a person.
d. Based on this information, a nutritionist creates a customized diet and lifestyle plan that will offset any potential problems genes may cause.
e. This can help a person increase longevity as well as lose weight.
f. It can help determine a person's susceptibility to heart problems, cancers and even Alzheimer's.
g. It can help regulate BMI and improve the body's detox systems.
h. It can help one achieve a younger look.

The cost of undertaking the DNA diet is approximately £300.