A healthy diet is the key to a better life. It not only induces a sense of wellbeing but also keeps a host of health problems at bay. Now, there is a scale in the market that can help a person keep track of his or her nutritional intake. The EatSmart Nutrition Scale gives information about hundreds of food items and helps a person to stick to a healthy diet regimen.

a. This is a nutrition scale that helps people make an informed choice when it comes to eating.
b. It is ideal for people who are at risk from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.
c. It helps people to monitor their intake of specific nutrients.
d. It has the ability to calculate the exact values of 12 major nutrients that is found in hundreds of different foods.
e. The calculation is done according to portion size.
f. It gives information on both labeled and unlabelled food.
g. The scale has easily programable buttons to enter new food types.
h. It complements most eating plans that are recommended by physicians.
i. It can also aid in weight loss.
j. It comes with a nutrition facts calculator that allows people to determine the nutritional content of packed food.

$75, to purchase the scale click here

a. 2 years from date of purchase
b. The warranty is valid only in the US.