Obesity is now a national epidemic. As a result, a billion dollar industry has mushroomed to fight this problem. From surgery to exercise to diets, people are trying out everything that catches their eye. But relief could now be on hand with the revolutionary fat fighting electrode that is implanted at the base of the brain. This electrode is the result of an experiment conducted at Krakow's historic Jagiellonian University School of Medicine by Dr. Jacek Sobczak. All that a person needs to do now is get up in the morning, switch on the electrode and enjoy the day without the obsessive need to eat.

Product Features
a. This electrode is the invention of Jacek Sobczak a doctor of Krakow's historic Jagiellonian University School of Medicine.
b. This electrode is implanted into the base of the brain.
c. It has an 'on' and 'off' switch.
d. It sends out impulses to the brain convincing the patient that he or she is not hungry.
e. It is a safer alternative to stomach staple, liposuction and crash diets.
f. Initial tests have shown that this is a highly effective method of fighting obesity.
g. It was implanted on 12 patients in January 2007.