Television is now coming to the rescue of people who have the intention of working out but not the inclination to go to the neighborhood gym. Cable subscribers are now being offered free 24 hours exercise TV by Comcast, Time Warner and Cox. The programs being offered in exercise TV are cardio, dance, body sculpting, walk to fitness, power workouts, quick workouts, yoga, pilates and power workouts

Highlights of new fitness channel
a. One can stop, restart and fast-forward these programs.
b. Beginner's instruction is also given.
c. Cardio workouts are slightly difficult.
d. One should be careful while following this program to avoid injury.
e. Care should be taken to ensure that there is enough space around while working out at home.
f. One should consult a trained person before starting on any of the programs.
g. A new program to be launched by the end of January called Sports training includes celebrity coaches and trainers to give out sports specific fitness tips.
h. To view more details on exercise TV visit http://www.exercisetv.tv/