fashionably-buff.jpg Everybody dreams of being absolutely fit and beautiful But few achieve this. Thanks to fitness expert Sue Fleming, this is now possible even for ordinary people. In her book Fashionably Buff: Essential Workouts For Looking Great In Anything You Wear, she shows how anybody can look good and be fit with simple exercises and a little guiding hand in choosing the right clothes.

Book review
a. Through this book, the author seeks to be a personal trainer and stylist to women.
b. This book features simple exercises that can be done by anybody.
c. These exercises are effective on all body types.
d. The exercises are illustrated to ensure that a person can easily follow them.
e. There are also illustrations of different clothes suitable for different body types.
f. This book seeks to help people to enhance their appearance by highlighting their best features.
g. It costs $15.95 to buy the book click here