g-trainer-anti-gravity-training-thread-mill.jpg Alter-G, Inc.'s G-Trainer anti gravity treadmill has been approved as a medical gadget by the Food and Drug Administration of the US. Following this clearance, the trainer can now be used for the rehabilitation of people who suffered lower extremity injury, aerobic conditioning, weight control, gait training for neurological conditions, strengthening and conditioning for older patients as well as for post surgical rehabilitation. This device, whose anti-gravity technology was first developed in NASA, is extensively used for training athletes.

Highlights of the G-Trainer anti gravity treadmill
a. This device has an advanced air pressure regulation system, which ensures accurate maintenance of body weight reduction throughout a workout session.
b. It also has an enclosure sealing component, a customized treadmill and a touch screen control panel.
c. The user is required to wear comfortable customized neoprene compression shorts over their clothes so that an air-tight environment is created around their lower body.
d. Users can change the weight, speed and incline settings to suit their requirement with the aid of the control panel.
e. The user can also save his workout and calibration information.
f. Users have the choice of reducing their effective body weight by almost 80 per cent in as small as 1 per cent increments.
g. It requires very little pressure in the cavity to produce a substantial lifting force.
h. The distribution of the pressure over a large surface area ensures that the user feels very little force against their body.
i. It improves mobility and health, induces rapid recovery from injuries and surgery,
j. It also helps patients overcome medical disorders that limit movement.
k. It offers easy weight loss.
l. It helps a person maintain a normal gait, stride length, bounding, leg kick, and body positioning.
m. It reduces the risk of impact-related injuries while exercising.