french-women-dont-get-fat.jpg People in France are surprisingly thin and fit. This is surprising when one considers their consistent diet of red wine, more than 300 varieties of cheese and patisseries full of buttery desserts. Mireille Guiliano's 2004 book, French Women Don't Get Fat, throws some light on why French women are surprisingly thin.

Book Review
a. This book shows how one can eat foie gras and chocolate and yet stay slim.
b. According to Guiliano it is possible to stay slim even by eating great food and wine.
c. It teaches people to embrace the "non-diet" mindset.
d. It lays stress on the importance of balancing indulgences and compensations.
e. It exhorts the readers to put more variety in meals and more style in life.
f. It teaches readers to incorporate "non-workout" exercise into daily life.

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