indirect-calorimeter.jpg There are many reasons for weight gain. Some people can go for years trying out various programs and yet not lose much weight. Most blame it on the body's metabolism. Now with an indirect calorimeter, people can easily figure out their metabolic rate. This is one of the newest tools in community weight loss centers. Till recently, these machines were found in hospital intensive care units but now is available to weight loss centers and spas. Of course, a doctor should always be consulted before choosing this procedure.

Product Benefits
a. Indirect calorimeters measure a persons oxygen consumption.
b. It can help doctors, dietitians and personal trainers give accurate nutritional recommendations to patients.
c. Indirect calorimeters provide specific details on how many calories a person burns everyday, what a persons calorie intake should be to lose weight etc.
f. It is lightweight and portable.
g. It provides an accurate method for measuring oxygen consumption and resting metabolic rate.
h. The tests from indirect calorimeters cost only $40.
i. The device uses a persons sex, age, weight and height to generate results.
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