the-karl-lagerfeld-diet.jpg His name is synonymous with the house of Chanel and celebrated in the world of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld is best known as a fashion designer. But now, he also has another identity, that of a nutritional expert. After losing 92 pounds, he has now come out with his own diet book. His book is for people who are serious about the business of losing weight. As Lagerfeld says in the Foreword of the book, this diet is not for people who are not bothered about weight problems and about not being able to fit into small clothes.

Diet Highlights
a. This is a low fat, low-carbohydrate and low-calorie diet.
b. It involves the intake of lots of protein supplements.
c. This diet has 3 phases.
d. 800 to 900 calories are allowed a day during phase 1.
e. 1000 to1200 calories is allowed in a day in phase 2.
f. In phase 3, a person can consume 1200 to1600 calories in a day.
g. The book The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, authored by Lagerfeld along with Jean-Claude Houdret and Ingrid Sischy, has everything that one should know about this diet.
h. This book contains advice on healthy eating habits and anecdotes about his personal weight loss experience.
i. It costs $19.95 but can be bought online from