There is nothing like kickboxing for a full body workout. Women who practice kickboxing experience increase of stamina, flexibility and strength. It can be fun and can be cultivated as a lifelong habit.
Danny Sullivan, well known protégé of martial arts legend Dan Inosanto, has come out with a DVD kit that teaches people the real thing. Sullivan's 'The Real Kickboxing Bag Workout' is a revolutionary technique that is sure to get people hooked very soon.

Program features
a. This workout can burn up to 800 calories per hour.
b. It consists of a combination of cardio exercises and resistance training.
c. It is based on boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai moves.
d. It comes in a 4-disc DVD kit along with instructions for four stages – Instructional, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.
e. Each workout is for 20 minutes.
f. It costs $299.00 for the entire kit, which includes Real Kickboxing DVD Box Set, Freestanding Heavy Duty Striking Bag, Leather Training Boxing Gloves, 120" Elastic Hand Wraps and Nylon Adjustable Jump Rope -- To buy click here
g. It is a fun workout and can make a person feel great physically and mentally.