laughter-weight-loss.jpg Laughter is the best medicine. Lacking a sense of humor does not just make a person a social outcast. It can also make a person physically unhealthy and prone to various ailments. This is a scientifically proven fact. A jolly attitude can remove stress and boost the immune system. It can clear congestion and lead to a fit and healthy body. And, the best thing is that, it can also help in weight loss. Because, when a person laughs, the internal organs are vigorously exercised.

Benefits of Laughter
a. It reduces stress and activates the immune system.
b. It increases immunoglobin A, the antibody that fights upper respiratory tract infections.
c. Laughter helps people feel less physical pain.
d. It improves circulation in the body.
e. A good laugh that starts in the belly can help in weight loss.
f. It fills the body and lungs with fresh oxygen, clears breathing passages and exercises the lungs and the diaphragm.
g. It is a good form of cardiac exercise and is a good protection against heart attacks.
h. It helps in relaxing muscles.