low-fat-milk-conception.jpg Women who have a tough time conceiving may just have a simple solution. According to a recent study, whole milk has the ability to increase the fertility of women. But it can be a nightmare for women who stick to low-fat milk and other dairy products for a trim and slim body. This finding is contrary to US health recommendations that low fat dairy products should be included in one's diet.

Study findings
a. More than two servings of low fat dairy products per day may lead to 85 per cent risk of infertility.
b. Even one serving of high fat dairy products can lead to 27 per cent increase in fertility.
c. Ice creams made with full fat milk are seemed as the favorite food to reduce infertility.
d. Ice creams can reduce the risk of infertility by 38 per cent.
e. One glass of full fat milk can make a big difference.
f. According to research, whole milk has more estrogen which promotes ovulation.