kinoki-foot-pads.jpg The Lakewood-based company that markets and sells Kinoki Detox Foot Pads has been sued by the state for misrepresenting the medical benefits of the pads. The company has been charged with violating many consumer laws by overcharging, late delivery of merchandise and failure to honor stated guarantees.

Case Highlights
a. The defendants in this case are Xacta 3000 Inc. and Hollywood Gadgets Inc.
b. The state has filed a four-count complaint in State Superior Court in Ocean County alleging that the defendants violated the state Consumer Fraud Act, advertising regulations and mail order regulations.
c. The company had charged consumers a premium for "rush" delivery and then not shipped the ordered merchandise in a timely manner.
d. It overcharged and/or placed unauthorized charges on a consumer's credit and/or debit card.
e. It enrolled consumers in a Continuity for Life Program without their authorization.
f. It falsely advertised that the Foot Pads are "FDA-registered".
g. It failed to provide consumers with written notice of a delay in delivery and their option to cancel.
h. It failed to supply a working customer service telephone number for consumers to inquire about an order, cancel an order or request a refund.
i. It failed to honor the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
j. It failed to credit a consumer for returned merchandise.
k. The state seeks compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, civil penalties and restitution as well as reimbursement of its investigative and legal costs.
l. The pads are sold for $8.99 on to buy click here