mindless-eating-brian-wansink.jpg Weights problems are a major source of worry for most Americans. Besides dieting and working out, some people also go in for gastric bypass surgery or fad diets that promise immediate relief. But these are not permanent solutions. Seeking to give some relief to overweight people, Brian Wansink's has come up with a book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. Here he stresses on the importance of having a healthy environment to have a healthy weight.

Book Review
a. The book costs $25 and available for sale at amazon.com, to buy click here
b. The author recommends eating from a smaller plate or bowl is helpful.
c. One has to stop eating when he or she feels full.
d. People tend to eat more of something if it sounds delicious.
e. People tend to eat more if they are in a group.
f. If some food is labeled low fat, people tend to eat more.
g. The book advocates controlled eating and does not prescribe any instant weight-loss diets.