Mindy Mylrea has developed a new workout program, called Gliding. These program enables users perform body-sculpting movements. The program is available in major fitness centers across the US and is now made available for women to practice at home. It consists of toning body with smooth graceful body toning movements. The program is first of its kind and unique offering.

Fitness Program Review
a. The exercise program focuses on smooth body movements which are to be performed on 2 circular plastic disks.
b. The program focuses on toning up the core muscle group and gives shape to the mid-section.
c. The program is recommended to be performed thrice a week and results are noticed within a month.
d. Start with 2 sets of 12-15 reps of each movement, which should be increased to 15-20 reps of each movement.
e. Select a carpeted surface and wear sneakers for good results.
f. Many women have see that by practicing the Gliding™ exercise and diet program has resulted in reduction of 1 dress size in less than 2 weeks.
f. The cost of the Gliding Disks is $20 and are available at www.GlidingDisks.com