The first FDA approved over-the counter diet pill 'Alli' was hailed as the miracle pill for obese people. Introduced in the market recently, this pill has since proved that it has some not so pleasant side effects. Even experts and the manufacturer's literature warn people about these adverse effects. Despite this, people are still queuing up to buy those pills.

Major Benefits
a. This is a lower strength version of the prescription drug Xenical.
b. It is marketed as a weight loss pill.
c. It should be taken before each meal more than 3 times a day.
d. It stops the intestinal enzymes from breaking down the fat in the diet.
e. It has the ability to stop the body from absorbing some of the fat in the diet.
f. It acts as a laxative.

a. This pill does not help in burning calories.
b. It makes a person excrete oily faeces.
c. It causes diarrhea and gas.