personal-trainers Due to convenience and cost effectiveness, more and more people are today hiring personal trainers to help them remain fit and healthy. Since most of them provide customized services, people end up choosing them instead of joining a gym. However, with increasing reports of injuries during workout sessions with personal trainers, the quality of service offered by them is now coming under scrutiny.

Dangers from personal trainers
a. Sometimes clients, wanting quick results, withhold information regarding their physical problems from their trainers.
b. Usually, injuries result from the trainer's lack of expertise.
c. Most trainers do not have a clear idea about the way the body works and about nutrition.
d. Some trainers get into inadequate short courses instead of acquiring a university degree on sports science.
e. Some trainers who are attached to gyms are trained by the gyms themselves.
f. Such trainers are ill-equipped to provide customized programs for different people of different body types, height, weight and age.
g. Most trainers do not know the difference between normal, muscular post-workout pain and the type of pain that signals injury which is the basic skill of personal training
h. Training with such trainers can cause frozen shoulders, prolapsed discs, sciatica and even hernia.